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    Default The GPS technology behind the 9500i

    Hi everyone,

    Escort's USPTO patent #6670905 fully describes the GPS technology and the logic for the TrueLock technology which is used within Escort's Passport 9500i radar detector. I downloaded the patent, converted it into a nicely formatted web page and reorganized some of its sections, and enhanced the graphical figures. All figures are linked within the web page and will open up in a new browser window when clicked on. Figures 6A through 6F consist of flow charts which explains the logic and decision making paths which the detector uses depending on what operating mode it is in and what the user inputs via the detectors push buttons. I color coded these flow charts to make them easier to navigate. Figures 6A through 6F are worth printing out since they explain, in flowchart form, how Escort's lockout technology is supposed to work.

    Here is a link to my web page about Escor'ts patent:

    Radar warning receiver with position and velocity sensitive functions

    I don't know if the 9500i incorporates the exact technology as described within their patent, but the patent does outline the use of frequency blocks for X, K, and Ka band. Also, the patent does describe how the lockout technology may, depending on what operating mode is in use, either automatically add or delete radar frequencies from locked out cells or copy the data to adjacent cells if the locked out radar frequencies are being observed in the adjacent cells.

    If you aren't interested in reading the patent, then here are Figures 6A through 6F which show the logic behind how TrueLock is supposed to work. 9500i owners might wish to study these flow charts:

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    Heyy MEM-TEK

    Thanks for the info on the Tru-Lock feature and how it is suppose to work. Now like you said, thats how its suppose to work whether or not it is working that way remains to be seen

    I'll keep you guys updated on my experiences with Tru-Lock and the 9500i




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