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    Default 8500 x50

    I was wondering why my 8500x50 go's off on lazer everytime I accelerate

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    Change the display to read out Voltage. Record your readings. It could be either a voltage or an electrical noise problem.

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    What's happening here is that you have a noisy electrical system.
    Do you have your Detector HardWired into your fusebox or
    use the Cigarette Lighter Plug that's supplied with the X50.

    Here's some ideas for you..... There are several things that can make
    a detector false laser. I have experienced and verified all these below.
    More likely your electrical system.

    1. Emergency vehicles with their lights flashing.

    2. The Sun reflecting off your Hood. ( High Mounts )

    3. A noisy electrical system.

    You can help reduce the noisy electrical system by buying one of
    these. ( RFI Ferrite Choke Core ) from Radio Shack.

    Before I bought one of these, every time I blew my Horn my laser would false.

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    Default depends on the vehicle

    It sometimes depends on the vehicle too. If you have a distributor that's old or going out, this can cause laser alerts on your X50. I witnessed this firsthand w/ my Uniden when I was driving a work truck a few years back.



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