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    Default 9500i laser performance tests?

    Are there any laser performance tests of the 9500i?
    I haven't been able to find [edit] much.

    I found this in another thread:
    transammatt wrote:
    Just got my second 9500i today. It's 22 07
    I have seen a little better K band a few seconds sooner sometimes.
    No KA alerts yet
    ON my was to work today I was hit with laser with my older 9500i I was able to slow down In time. He got the car just a little behind me. I do have a black grand prix so that helps. The 9500 does have better laser alert than the 8500 x50.

    Has anyone else tested the laser performance of the 9500i, especially as compared to the X50?
    If the 9500i's laser detection really is better, I would be very happy since I was getting decent results detecting LIDAR with my 8500 X50 rev 5 on the GSP in NJ.
    I, or the vehicle(s) directly ahead of me, have been hit 3 times on the Parkway.

    In fact if the 9500i laser detection performance is about the same as my rev 5, I would be satisfied too...

    According to Speedzone's 2007 - 2008 laser detection tests, the 9500i was a bit better than the RX65 (58% versus 50% detection).
    In fact, of the detectors tested, the 9500i came in second.
    The V1 was apparently in a class of its own in this laser detection test.

    Unfortunately the X50 was not tested this time around.
    I guess I can look for old tests comparing the RX65 and X50 and use those, since the RX65 was tested this time and hopefully their relative performance in the older tests would have held true in this latest one.

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    I have only had 1 confirmed Laser encounter and there was no notification at all. In perfect weather a state trooper was out of his car shooting low off his hood. It looked like he was waiting just for me and i was the only one in the left lane. In this case I donít even think a V1 would have gotten any alert.
    I had another Laser alert but was unable to confirm because the LEO was kind of far away in side his car and I was in a cluster of other cars (cobra?).



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