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    Default An actual X alert at start-up, or suposed to happen

    I know whenever i start my car the X50 should go through its startup noises and cycle through each beep, but when it gets to X it starts on full detection and beeps for each bar as it declines. However, only during X does the actual "Alert" red light start flashing.

    Ive heard people having faulty ones that give them X falses when they turn them on for awhile, just trying to make sure this is standard and suposed to happen with X. The "alert" light flashing red is what kind of makes me feel its not just a start-up procedure

    EDIT* More detail on what im saying

    *turn car on*

    In the display * Lazer * (Makes lazer sound) (No flashing alert button)
    In the display * KA * (Makes KA sound) (No flashing Alert Button)
    In the Display * K * (makes K sound) (No flashing alert button)
    In the display * X *all the bars* (Makes X sound, then cylces down all the bars one beep after another, but does it fast) (Flashing "Alert" signal)

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    Easy way to figure it out. Turn off X, then do a start up. Now K should be the one there. If it does it for K, then it should be normal. I can't remember if mine does it since my Smart Cord decided to die. But I think it's normal.

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    Yes. Normal.

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    Yup!, its perfectly normal.

    If you don't want to hear it, turn off X band. Just make sure the local LEO's don't use that band in your area.



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