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    Default Passport 5000 display best--opinions?

    I have an X50, but also have a 5000 in wife's minivan. Am I alone in thinking the 5000's spectral gaussian bogey display was one of the best?
    First post, glad to meet y'all.
    my history (with purely subjective opinion of RDs I've owned):

    Fox remote w/plastic X and K waveguides (VG2 proof!) blew away other passive at time ++
    Escort +++
    Passport ++++
    Uniden RD9XL on M/C +++
    some BEL GaAS chirper ++
    Uniden LRD 9100-W1 -
    some Uniden/RS POS for Ka otherwise very good. +++

    In use:
    Passport 5000 ++++
    Whistler 975 ++++in my truck on dash driver side A-pillar.
    X50++++so far, concerned about X-band range.

    I guess I've had a few of the oldies. Forgive me for enumerating and rating them, I was just trying to determine if my memory still works.


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    Kinda reminds you of the 8500 expert mode



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