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Thread: 9500i Tests

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    Default 9500i Tests

    Any suggestions on what you guys think i should test on? Right now in town we have a "Your speed" unit up. operating on 24.160 K band. I plan on testing different mounting positions. and starting about 2 miles away from it which has a pretty good curve. I will also be looking at the ramp up issue (which really isnt a big deal for me, but id still like it to be better :wink: )

    Anywhhhho, you guys have any other suggestions that you may want tested? ill be heading out in about 3 or 4 hours (about 11pm or midnight EST)

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    test Auto mode over 21MPH. Compared to Highway & City.
    test it with gps sync on & off.

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    what am i looking for when doing that?

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    I will be looking forward to your results, oman. Let us know how the audio ramp up goes for you.

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    Well I just got back. I didnt do anything to in depth tonite. Here are some quick results.

    High mount (above RVM) 1.0 mile detection

    Middle mount- .8 mile detection

    low mount- . 8 mile detection

    I actually found no ramp up problem with the C/O K band. Surprisingly they were all pretty much they same. They went as followed


    the jump to 6 to full was extremely fast

    Also it was full a good .3 miles for each of them

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    Oh yeah almost forgot. and no difference w/ gps on or off

    I will say however that when in auto they arent joking when they say 15 and over. When I was sitting there in auto it was dead silent. once i hit over 15 It gave a full alert

    I noticed no difference in detection while in auto or highway, didnt get around to testing city

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    awesome. thanks for testing, enjoy your detector! hope you have many great saves in the future.

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    thank you, the make date on it is 2207. I like it so far. However the off axis scares the crap out of me. i was sitting about 20 ft from the drone, with my car facing directly the other way and the ramp up only got to 2. kinda freaky, i will go back tomorrow and see if its any different if i have my car pointed the same direction as the drone.

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    Cool! I recently sold my RX-65 on eBay, but my V995 with its S7 horn didn't sell since I had its reserve set really high since I really didn't want to part with it. Anyway, I am going to order a 9500i and test it six ways from Sunday.


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    let me know how it goes.! I really like this RD and all its features. I have had some concerns with it. Ive had it not go off until i was right on top of the leo. one was off axis. and the other time he was hidden by some shrubs. not sure if it was I/O or not. but the tests i did tonite made me feel better about it.



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