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    Default Two Mounts Instead of One?

    I own the Escort Passport x50 and I have Laser Veil on my car. Now I know it's advised to place your detector low to pick up LASER and to place it high to pick up Radar. If you place your detector low, you have a better shot at picking up laser, however it hurts your radar detection a little bit. However, if you place it high, it kills your laser detection, but gives you great radar range.

    In my area, Indiana, the only LEO's I know using Laser are State Troopers on the Interstate and Highways. In the city and suburbs, local LEO's use a combo of K and Ka Radar.

    My question is what do you guys think about having 1 mount placed low and another mount placed high. So, let's say whenever I get onto the highway or interstate, I can move my detector low and then when I exit the highway or interstate, or am driving around my neighborhood, I can place my detector high. So, I'd pretty much have two radar detector mounts on my windshield, that I can quickly move my detector to.

    Any thoughts, think it'll work?

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    I originally was going to do the same thing with my 9500I but I also herd in Laser scatter situations having the unit high is good.
    Hard wiring it high also prevented me from putting the unit down low.

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    I did this for awhile but eventually went to a permanent
    high mount. I would run my HardWire when high then
    when low run my Cigarette Plug.



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