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    Default Escort Manuals regaurding "ramp up"

    With all that has been said by the owners of the 9500i regaurding poor ramp up compared to lets say the X50, and the response given by Escort and certain folks, ie: "The 9500i ramp up is working as designed", I have one question. Why in the hell does the explanation of alerts for the 9500i and X50 read word for word in their owners manuals? I invite you all to have a look at this. If they are indeed supposed to work differently because the 9500i is "different", then why do they rubber stamp their manuals? Just a thought. :?

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    wow. nice catch. I got faith they can fix it and if they do it's going to be easily going to be an excellent detector.

    if I still lived in Dover, DE I would be using it today. But now that I'm back in KY the V1 is quiet as a church mouse.

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    Itís a cut and past, just like there e-mail replyís they make to us when we question something. there just lazy.
    on a side note, the description doesint acualy show only one way of ramping up it gives multaple sinareos. like tese three:

    "PASSPORT alerts slowly for awhile and then
    abruptly jumps to a strong alert"

    "When the signal is very strong, the audible alerts will
    blend into a solid tone"

    "rate of alert increases until the alert becomes
    a solid tone"

    But these represent different encounters. :?

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    Yes, I posted the manual quote in one of the other threads yesterday and also a week or two ago in another thread to counter Escort's (at least their support group's) claims that there is no problem!



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