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    Default "A" Mode for 9500I & X50.

    This is how I believe it to work for the 9500I:

    In "A" mode at 15mph and less its in heavy filtering mode and at 15mph to 55 there is a brief delay (less than a second) to see if there are any matching/pairs radar, like in/out door falsies. At approximately 55 and above there is no filtering/sampling at all.
    The end result would be under 15mph city/heavy filtering sensitivity, 16-55 1/2 second delay if a paired signal is found, and 55 and above no filtering at all.

    In a nut shell "A" mode works just like the "A" mode in the 8500x50 from 16mph trough 55mph.

    I believe MEM-TEK did some research on "A" mode with Bell products.

    When and if the USB works on the 9500I you should be able to adjust the speed sensitivity setting from 15mph to anything between 10-55mph.


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    I'll agree with this. Auto Mode has a delay that makes me
    not trust it.

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    I always use Highway mode, unless im driving in the City or with my girl friend, I will use "A" mode.
    I suggest using Highway mode with the 9500i, it's still very quiet.

    Found MEM-TEK's explanation for Bell's:

    MEM-TEK wrote:
    Autoscan mode imposes an approximate 1 second delay for weak to moderately weak radar signals. Why? Because Autoscan mode inherently filters out pairs of X band door openers. The one second delay is usually enough time, while you are driving, for Autoscan to match up additional microwave door opener signals into pairs of microwave sources without triggering a false alert.

    Note that Autoscan has failed on me by occasionally alerting to distant door openers while I am stopped at a busy intersection and my radar detector is detecting multiple random radar reflections from all of the moving cars within the intersection. Nevertheless, Autoscan mode does make for a much quieter drive within suburbs or cities.

    When in rural areas or on open highways, obviously highway mode might be preferable since you could be interested in getting the earliest possible alert (even by just 1 additional second of advance warning) in order to potentially avoid an instant-on radar speeding ticket. The problem is that modern instant-on radar guns have become so good that they can measure your speed even if you are decelerating rapidly (stomping on the brakes). So, in short, Highway versus Autoscan isn't likely to make any difference as to whether or not you eventually get nailed by instant-on for speeding.

    Thats my two cents!




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