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    Default 9500i mounting question

    Love my 9500i but got couple of questions regarding mounting. I drive a ACURA MDX

    1. Do I want to mount it looking it straight ahead or at a slight angle down to pick up reflections off the street. Does SUV vs car windshield height matter/

    2. Do I want to aim it straight, sligtly to the left, or slightly to the right? Or do I aim it to the side where LEOs are mostly likely to be encountered.


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    Straight and level is the way to go. If you mount your 9500i too high, such as just to the left or right of your rear view mirror, then you could block its ability to receive GPS data. Mount your 9500i either a few inches above the dash, or mount it just under your vehicle's rear view mirror. Also, check if your state has any laws regarding attaching anything to your windshield and/or anything attached to your windshield obstructing the driver's field of view through the windshield.

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    You always want it striate, level and as centered as possible. I have an Acura TL and mount mine High to the left of the rear view mirror.

    The Horn on the 9500I angles down so I prefer to keep it high, your MDX is a bit higher than my TL so anywhere below the RVM will do fine.

    On an MDX I would put it mid way between the mirror and the lower part of the dash. With the 9500I's Horn design may pick up reflections off your hood better.



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