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    Default 9500i no ramp up

    I was doing city driving at night and a LEO was hiding on the other side of the road shooting Ka. My 9500i on highway mode (for best range) gave me a Ka alert with 2 bars on the display but it didn't ramp up at all. So I almost missed him. What was the problem? Thanks!

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    Prepare to read the 10 pages here:

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    He may also have his radar on his seat or facing away from you. KA is the most difficult band to detect, so unless he is actually targeting in your direction it may be hard to receive.
    In short there was a glitch with the ramp up (1-1-2-10-10) on the 9500I and now there is a fix. It still alerted just not progressively (missing the middle part of the ramp up).

    In my opinion the 9500I is one of the best detectors ever made. So send it in for an update. :wink:

    Read from page 7 on. No need to torment you: :wink:




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