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    Default 6.3(?) - how is it? (Potential V1 -> x50, yet again)

    Yeah, I'm restless with such things. Had an x50 rev5, now in a family member's car.

    Currently running a V1, 1.8 @ 3.826. (Have noticed a little impact on the arrows / rear detection with the semi-metallic window tint I recently had installed on my car.)

    Thinking of going back to an x50 - blue, naturally - for awhile. Restless, like I said. And I'm also of the mindset that among the top shelfers, performance differences are essentially negligible.

    So, what I'm wondering:

    - How's 6.3 (I THINK that's the latest rev) doing for you guys? Any changes of note?
    - Any reason to go RX65 / STi instead? (Spectre invisibility not important.)
    - Roy still offering discounts to us fine forum folks?

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    Well, I has 2 Rev5 (sold one) and the wife just got a 6.3

    One of the Rev5 is better than any detector I have evr tried. The other was about as good as the 6.3, maybe not quite as good on K.

    All in all I think the 6.3 will give you plenty of time.

    I use a fixed K band speed sign for comparison. My two 8500s get about .8 and .9 miles respectively. My first Rev5 got 1.1, and my second Rev 5 gets 1.3-1.4. The 6.3 gets 1.3

    This is for a fixed K band road sign though.

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    Did some off axis test with the rev 5 and the rev 5 did awful during the test. We tested the RX65 6.1 version and did well. I'm not sure if the horn design is better in the 6.3 version and the same as the RX65 6.1 version.

    If the horn design of the X50 6.3 version is the same as the RX65 6.1 version, i suggest that you get the 6.3 version.

    Performance and distance varies specially in a moving vehicle and that applies to every run you make.

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    If the tint affected the v1, then won't it affect the x50?

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    Quote Originally Posted by repeter
    If the tint affected the v1, then won't it affect the x50?
    Sure it will. Just wanting to switch detectors; hasn't really got anything to do with the tint.

    Blue skies... can't wait to go AFF already and get licensed.



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