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    Default solo2 display not working

    any one know a company that will fix it besides escort? its no longer under warrenty

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    Not to sound condescending, but just write that one off and get a better detector.

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    2nd I think they offer a trade program, trade it in and get an X50, or 9500i.

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    Even a brand new Solo is a piece of crap, get a new detector.

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    *** Here is something you should consider ***

    Cordless Detectors:

    Although you will be free of dangling cords, if you can stay
    with a corded detector instead of going cordless, do so!
    In order to conserve battery life, cordless radar detectors turn
    themselves off and on in milliseconds. Because of this you will be sacrificing:
    Range and Sensitivity: Cordless radar detectors typically
    have 30% less range than a corded radar detector. If you encounter
    an Officer using " Instant On " most likely, you will not get the early
    warning as you would with a corded detector, in fact you may not
    even get a warning.

    Because the detector itself is designed to operate on batteries,
    plugging it in will not increase the range or sensitivity.
    If you want to free yourself of the power cord that plugs into the
    cigarette lighter, I recommend that you consider a direct wire cord
    for your radar detector. This will allow you to plug your detector into
    the fuse box of your car and then you can conceal the wire by tucking
    it under the molding.

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    Hi s4driver01,

    The Solo S2's Ka performance is fairly good for Ka 33.8 and Ka 34.7, but horrible for Ka 35.5. Its X and K performance is fairly good as well. Nevertheless numerous corded radar detector models outperform it by significant margins.

    Anyway, it looks like the Solo S2's display uses ribbon connector which is carefully soldered to the main circuit board. See the following two photos where I have circled the ribbon connector-to-board connection in dark gold:

    The above images from the FCC's web site are not very sharp.

    If you want, I will have a look at your Solo and see if it simply is a bad solder connection which I can fix. If the display or its backlight has a problem, then I should be able to order it from one of the online electronics parts suppliers. If I determine that I can't fix it then all you are out is the shipping costs which are cheap if you use USPS. My incentive for fixing your Solo S2 is so that I can take much clearer photographs of its internals and post those photos here. Send me a PM if you are interested in having me try to repair it.

    Best Regards,


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    I'd have to say that MEM-TEK is actually giving the Solo more credit than it deserves.

    It doesn't perform well on any Ka frequency nor on K band.

    In our last series of tests it placed near the bottom of the ranking order in every test, straight line and "around the corner"



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    It doesn't perform at the low end because it "sleeps", it performs that way because it is based on the "M2" platform, like the BEL Express detectors.



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