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    Default Hasn't detected a cop..

    Hi everyone =) I bought the escort 8500 x50 about two weeks ago and have been using it just about everyday. I have it on highway mode all the time, and it seems to detect about every walmart or convenient store. I've seen about 25 cops within these two weeks, but my detector hasn't went off once. At first I figured it was probably cause they didnt have any radar on, but could that be the case for ALL of them. Or does my radar not detect canadian cops lol.. On the otherhand I haven't ran into speed traps or highway patrol, but I still figured that maybe the cops in the city would occasionally have their radar on..

    Any advice?

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    Remember its a radar detector not a cop detector. Not every cop car has a radar unit, and not every radar gun is on.

    If its detecting Walmarts and convenience stores, then you know that it is working.


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    The above post is correct Your detector detects radar and not
    cops. As said above some cops may not even have it turned
    on.... Trust me, the X50 is a great detector and you'll know
    when an officer has his radar running. I'd do like jerry540i
    said and drive up to a local Store with automatic doors and
    test it out. You'll get either a X or K band signal.

    Just a side note, I would high mount your detector for
    maximum performance. This will give you better range
    with Radar.

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    I take it you are in a part of canada where they are legal?

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    yup, BC =p

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    wat parts of canada are legal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hockey005
    wat parts of canada are legal?
    BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan so far as I remember



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