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    Default PA State Police Encounter x2

    Today, while traveling home from Wilkes Barre on the PA Turnpike, while obeying the limit, the x50 all of a sudden starts alerting -up and down- with the heaviest sound. In a construction area, the LEO was running radar. No problem, but, the intial alert was only about 100 yards fromt the LEO. It appears he was doing an instant on/off or pop. If I were over the limit, I may have been nabbed. However, there were at least four cars in front of me. While in the LEO's range, the x50 alerted like a roller coaster going up and down, very quickly. So, it seems as if he was targeting each car as they passed him, turning his unit on and off. Frankly, I did not like the range of the x50. (FYI, I am running it in Highway Mode with default settings and the LEO was using a K band unit, same as the drones used in PA)

    Interestingly enough, I had a second encounter with PSP and it was the worst. Thank Gawd I am still new to this and am not flying blindly. Without a "rabbit" and clear sailing in front of me, all of a sudden the x50 goes nutz!!! There he was a PSP trooper on Route 145 from Palmerton into Walnutport area hidden in the curve on the cantilever side south bound. (I provide this for any eastern PA drivers using this road). No advanced warning at all. If I were over the limit, I would have been pegged and pulled over. Luckily, I was doing 60mph in a 55mph zone. I find it intersesting that the x50 appears to be useless if you are hit in one of these instant on/off or pop scenarios. Although, I understand the limitations of the RD if a radar unit is not turned on.

    Moral of the story is to ALWAYS USE A "RABBIT"!!!, one that you can see ahead of you. If not, you are flying blindly and headed for an LEO encounter. :shock:

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    As has been found by a number of other forum members, PA state police can be deadly with their use of instant on.





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