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    Default Hardwiring 9500i RD?

    I am in the process of purchasing, well buying right now actually, the 9500i and was looking for some info of the difficulty of hardwiring. I know that it all depends on your type of vehicle, but any pointers or issues would be great to know. Peace out.

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    The HardWire Cord comes in 2 different types, a Direct Wire Cord
    Or a Direct Wire SmartCord. The Direct Wire SmartCord
    Has a Box on it which contains a Mute Button. I use the Direct Wire
    SmartCord myself.

    Get the Direct Wire SmartCord, itís real easy and all you need is a remote power wire to tap in to (or constant) and something to ground into.

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    Check out this video from Roy:
    YouTube - Direct Wiring A Radar Detector

    If the direct wire cord is not long enough, you can extend it with regular phone cord. The add a fuse you can get at autozone or advanced auto for $8, you just need to check to see if you have a mini fuse or regular sized fuse. Using the add a fuse should not void your warranty, as you are not cutting any of the wires on your car. I added the add a fuse into my radio fuse.

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    And if you don't want or need the smart cord, a fuse and a telephone cord are all you need. In fact - HALF of a telephone cord.



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