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    Default 8500 x50 internals pics. Does this look like a refurb??

    I was checking out a thread that had a picture of a QKLX5M4 X50 Internals and i noticed that my QKLX5M4 internals looked a little bit different.

    This thread:

    The horn casting on mine has the letters 'gm' on it and also the '151' component on mine is at an angle, rather than straight. If you look at the bottom along the edge of the circuit board, you'll notice that it has some burrs/rough edges in some spots which the posted pics of the other x50 didnt.

    Here are some pictures of my QKLX5M4 x50 opened up. It was built in the 24th week of 2007.

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    other posted x50 from other thread

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    All of the things/differences you pointed out are normal things that would occur in manufacturing.

    There's no sure-fire way to visually identify if a detector has been refurbished or not, unless you see some obvious signs of manual solder work or something like that.

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    Default opening your detector

    Im amazed that anyone would take it apart, I think the techs that build them can take care of it. I may have a few drinks and just open mine up.



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