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    Default Sending in X50 for Repair

    Friday my father called me and stated that his X50 was showing him
    Service Required. So the 1st thing I did was a trip over there Sat to
    see what the issue may be. I asked him if he had seen Self Cal before
    and he said yes a few times before the Service Required message
    popped up. So I told him lets reset the unit and see if that helps.
    Well, it didn't so it looks like we are going to have to send it in for
    repair. I'm a little worried because of some of the repair stories I
    have read from other Fourm members. He has the Rev 5 just as
    mine, I purchased mine and his at the same time and gave it to
    him as a Christmas present 3 years ago.

    I spoke to a Escort Rep this morning and they stated that
    for $59.95, they will fix the X50 as well as replace the entire
    case. Also, they would Flash the Chip and Upgrade the
    Rev to the latest version if I wanted..... However they
    will not do this unless I request it.

    So....... I'm going to send it in for him, should I upgrade the
    Rev 5 to something more current, I think the most recent is
    rev 6.3 or something..... I've just heard that the rev 5 were
    the best and most sault after.

    I would really appreciate some feedback on this.
    I just want him to be happy and not disappointed when
    it comes back.

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    I don't think the Rev 5 can be upgraded since it uses the S7 horn and the newer Rev 6.1 and 6.3 use the M4 horn.

    I'm dreading the day mine says Service Required.

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    Now that I think about it, I think your right.
    That shows you how much the Customer Service
    Reps know...... :wink:



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