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    Default Decent price for x50?

    Hello all! I am thinking about picking up my first RD within the next couple of days. I have been looking for one and doing a good amount of research on them. I like the x50 and the v1 from most of the videos ive seen and reviews ive read it, they both seem like the best RD's.

    Anyway I was browsing craigslist today in hope of finding one and sure enough there was one for $199 (its the blue x50 too =D). I looked at the escort website and it retails from them for about 335. It is used ofcourse but it seems in great condition from the pics and from what ive heard from the seller it works great.

    Do you think that this is a good first RD and is worth the price? I have read a few complaints about its detection range but thats about it. Do u guys think I should pick this thing up for $199 or grab a V1 off ebay for around 300? Looking forward to wat you experts think =D. Thanks for ur time.

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    DO IT. assuming there's nothing wrong the detector, that's a really decent price.

    I loved my x50 a whole hell of a lot. Although I will say all other detectors I've used were lower in quality and price. If I had a v1, I'd probably jump bandwagon, but the x50 isn't far behind. What I really loved was expert mode. It got to be real easy to tell when something was fishy by using it. Also, I liked the tones of the x50 way more than the bel's.

    Definitely get it. I'm sure everyone will agree. For $200, it can't be beat.

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    I sold mine for $200 -buy now- on Ebay... and it was sold in minutes. I guess we both thought it was a great deal. I took great care of it (many many times I trusted my driving privileges to it). I felt like I got a fair price though too, because I paid $320 over 3 years ago for it. Could of sold it for more but I just wanted the quick $200 cash.

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    Sounds good! It looks like im going to pick it up tomorrow morning from the guy. Ill post some pix or something when I get it goin lol. Thanks for the feedback!



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