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    I just Got a Almost Brand New *But used* X50 Is there anything I should do to it when i get it ? Before Use ?

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    Wow, you asked an open-ended question on the wrong forum.

    V1 zombies will tell you to throw it away and get a V1, and the rest will tell you to take it back/get a refund.

    I have bought dozens of 8500s and 8500 X50s on Ebay and have never had a problem. I first use them at the PSL, and check them against known falses (X and K band door openers), and known radar traps to get a "feel" for how sensitive that particular detector is.

    Just take it easy on going above the PSL until you get a good read on how well it's working for you.

    Before use, definitely check all the settings, as one band or more may be turned off and you may not be aware.....

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    I also have purchased many from Ebay with no problems, have an X50 blue and X50 red now, both from Ebay. I would do a full reset on it to begin with. Turn the unit off, hold down all three buttons, two on top and one on the front, and turn the unit on, this will reset to default settings. When you get used to it, pick the settings that work for you.

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    Cool, Thx

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    Would purchase a warranty from ebay, worth it's weight in gold and they will basically cover 100% if anything goes wrong with it!!!




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