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    Default Can you post a photo in this forum?

    I am doing a 2 week long test between the top 3 RD's namely the RX65 vs. X50 vs. V1 starting tomorrow for my personal use. That's the beuaty of having a 30 day money back guarantee. I am in no way affiliated to any manufacturer nor represent any third party. I am doing this to see which one is the best performer, less false alerts and ease of use for my personal use. I wondered if in case i can take good pictures relevant to my test, i'd post it. I just got the RX65,X50 last week and the V1 today. I believe testing all 3 at once daily for 2 weeks will give me enough results to decide which RD to go and use. This is the only way that you can encounter police or trooper tactics as they operate their radar gun daily using it the way they are told to. I have read the SML test and Radar Roy's test but not all were done in real world scenario. Example last friday, i encountered an instance when the trooper was 5-6 cars ahead of me(did not see him) going the same direction and was using intant on radar for drivers going the opposite way. The RX65 topped the X50 by alerting me first and was giving me more alerts in Ka band. But when going the opposite direction, the X50 topped the RX65 in Ka band. I have also read that others don't advice you to have all 3 RD's at once. But how will you know which performs better if you don't have the 3 RD's in front of you when you encounter daily operational tactics used by police and troopers?

    Any advice or comments will be welcomed.

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    Sounds like a great idea. If you can, I'd like to see them run separately. Also use your trip meter to find out the range of each alert. Now the range will change some because of how each officer targets you, but with enough testing you should get a pretty good idea. The problem I see with having more than one detector on the windshield at the same time, is that most windshields are a little curved. The detector with the better line of sight will always do better. You probably will have to post an outside link of your results to host your pics, but maybe a few small ones might be allowed. Good luck in your testing and I'll look forward to see what you come up with.



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