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    Default Anyone purchase a 9500i at Best Buy recently?

    Just curious if anyone has purchased a 9500i from Best Buy in the past week? I've got a 12% off coupon & 75 dollars in gift cards so I'm thinking about picking one up w/ replacement plan.

    If so did yours come with the new software that fixes the audible ramp up?

    I could get this puppy for a little over 360 with the replacement plan, and even if it doesn't come with the software it would be an easy fix.

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    I bought my 9500i last week at Best Buy. I haven't noticed any ramp up. But I've only gotten one Ka, 5-10 K's, and mutiple X's. My build was 39/07, but I don't know when the models were fixed. I was just told that it should be, and I haven't noticed any problems. You can always ask to open the box and look at the serial number.

    A day before I had bought a Escort Solo S2, but returned it when I found out the range was nothing like the 8500. Although I got around it, beware that there is a 15% restocking fee if you return it, unless it's because an employee gave you bad information.

    I really like the 9500i.

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    Danke schön!

    you can test to see if you have the new software pretty easily. just drive by a known false.

    if it goes from a few beeps to full blast it's old software.

    if you get a linear ramp up as you approach it's new.



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