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    Default Escort Customer Service Issue

    I'm not one to complain about these kinds of things but this just
    has me in a rage. I've had wonderful service with Escort but
    every once in a while I get this one particular Customer Service
    Rep that seems to hate his job. He seems to be an older gentleman
    from the sound of his voice and He's rude, inconsiderate and acts
    as if I am twisting his arm when I ask him a question or do something
    for me. This No Care / Your bothering me from surfing the internet
    Attitude has me a little angry. I was respectful and nice to him and yet
    I'm treated like an unvalued customer. All the other Customer Service
    Reps are very friendly and make me feel like my business is appreciated
    but this one guy should not be an employee of Escort because he makes
    Escort look bad. The thing is, It's always the same guy because I
    recognize his voice and attitude. When I call I am temped to hang up and
    call back hoping I get someone else.

    I called earlier and asked if he could make sure that the Technician
    reapply my Serial number sticker to the bottom of the detector because
    during the last visit to escort it wasn't fixed properly and the sticker wasn't
    applied well enough so it was starting to peal off. He acted as if this was a
    major issue and it wasn't his responsibility to relay my request.

    Do any of you know the CSR I'm speaking of?
    If so post...... I hope escort reads this, this guy
    needs to be spoken to and giving a lesson in respect.

    You'll never see a post like this from me again cause
    it's just not the way I am. I just have an issue with this
    CSR and his constant disrespect to me and other Customers
    and wanted to vent.

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    Don't feel guilty about this post -- and definitely you should post experiences like this for others as a heads-up. You did it in the most respectful tone and these kinds of complaints need to be addressed. Have you tried asking to speak to the next tier of support or to be transferred to someone else? I'm quite sure Escort's highers would be less than amused that one of their CS reps is ticking off a customer.

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    Hi jdong, Glad to see that you understand my concerns and know that
    this isn't just some random post by someone wanting to start trouble.
    No, I sure haven't asked to speak to a higher tier but will most likely
    next time. From my Experience all the Customer Service Reps are
    very friendly and helpful, it's just this one guy and he's in the same
    bad mood every time I speak to him. I'm a guy that understands if
    your having a bad day, we all have them. Even when I'm in the worst
    of moods I never take it out on anyone and especially not my customers.
    I just don't enjoy speaking to someone that acts if I'm not important
    and a waste of their time. People of this attitude shouldn't be in Customer
    Service or in any form of Public help or sales. I'm an IT guy so if anyone
    should be in a bad mood, it's me. You'll never see me act this way to
    any of my customers even if its the worst day of my life.

    Anyways, I just had to post..... As you stated it's always good
    to post these kinds of things to let others know even the company

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    That's really admirable of you -- unfortunately not everyone in the world is as patient as you are

    But yeah, I really think his superiors at Escort should know about this -- imagine the people who call up tech support and he's the first guy they get. What kind of reputation of Escort are they going to walk away with? Not raising this complaint would be a *bad* thing for Escort.



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