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    Default Consistancy of the 9500

    Hello everyone, first post . First of all, I would like to thank you all for the wealth of information you provide on this site. From all the info I read here I purchased my first RD, a red X50. I was truly amazed with its performance, as was my girlfriend. She was so happy with it she made me get her one, so I decided to give her the X50 and get myself a 9500. After putting 600 miles on it though, I do not have the confidence in it as the X50. I think it may need the ramp up fix, it is a 4007 model. My question to the users that have had the fix is this: After the flash, have you noticed a difference in detection range AND consistancy as well as ramp up? I still have time to return the unit to Best Buy and trade it in for another X50 blue. I really love the 9500 and all the features, but all of those things dont mean squat if you cant trust it... :?

    Thanks for any comments/thoughts

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    I agree, that performance can very likely vary depending on the situation.

    If you can please describe a typical encounter, & what mode you are running in? Some where around July / August Escort started putting new hardware in these things, or did some very impressive firmware work. We might never know but the peformance difference from when tested the initial ones in march, and then again in august was night and day. It went from X50 performance to incredible.

    I've found that if you want linear ramp up you have to run it in H mode. However around town I'm a huge fan of A mode while in heavy traffic or in areas where you would use the lock out feature.

    I've owned 5 of these things and now most recently I'm on my 6th one with the ramp up fix.

    With the units without the updated software, the ramp up will behave like this.

    Initial alert with sporadic beeps, followed by full alert.

    With the flash update, on K band I have noticed a nice linear ramp up just like you would get with the x50.

    On Ka I have noticed a nice initial alert, nice 1/4, & 1/2 alert. Then it skips the 3/4 area and goes to full alert.

    Being you bought it at Best Buy i'm going to go out on a limb and guess it doesn't have the update. If you take it back make sure you let them know it's defective, so you don't have to pay the restocking fee.

    After you get your money back order one direct from the factory to insure you have the newest software.

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    Thanks for the reply. I keep the mode in H and expert, just like I did with the X50. I pretty much stay on the highway at home and when traveling while working, so I dont even bother with C or A modes. When I get a KA hit, I go 1/4 to 1/2 then from there to full alert as you stated. What I dont like is that the audible ramp does not seem to match the bar shown. Also I was hit with a K band from a Arizona DPS while passing and did not get the alert until after I saw him. Now I know that COULD have been I/O, but I have lived in AZ for 6 years now and have not known or seen any DPS using I/O, only C/O. Even though I just got my X50 in Jan, I have already put 42,000 miles on it so I have a pretty good feel how a good detector should react. While sometimes the 9500 gets great detection range, at other times I think the X50 would have alerted me much sooner. Also the ramp up on the K band does not seem as good as X and KA.

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    Well after another 150 miles today and a very near miss, I took the 9500 to the nearest Best Buy and swapped it for a blue X50. While comming around a moderate curve (not a tight one) I recieved a low ka alert then I see the cop and a full blast as he was comming around. I have been in this type of scenario with the X50 many times, and have never been that close. Its a good thing Titans have great breaks, hehe. Thanks for all the help. I may try this one again in another 6 months or so, but for now I'll stick with the one that has kept me from loosing my license MANY times over :twisted:

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    I think this was more than Likely a " Instant On " Blast.
    The small alert you got before hand was him hitting traffic
    in front of you with " Instant On " and you where picking it up
    from a distance. Sounds to me that the 9500 was giving you
    outstanding Prior " Instant On " warning.

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    X2. The 9500I has better detection range than the new x50's. :roll: But hay if itís cheaper and you feel safer why not. :roll:



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