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    an x50 for 249.99 ? i took the offer at pilot gas station. i never thought i'd see it on sale. brand new. well ka is amazing on it, i'm too used to the v1s perfomance on k band to even compare it to anything else, but talk about a nice detector for the city, not noisy at all

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    Sometimes local Pilot gas stations do have a good deal on radar detectors. During my recent trip from GA to TX and back, I spotted a few S7 Vectors on the shelf in some Pilot gas stations. The Pilot station off I-59 on the north side of Birmingham AL has a couple of them. And Pilot is an authorized Belscort dealer.

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    nice buy!

    is it blue or red? i'm assuming red

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oxygen
    nice buy!

    is it blue or red? i'm assuming red
    oh i know! i've wanted an x50 for a while and didn't wanna spend the money but yeah it's red but i don't care for colors really, i just care for performance and it's one heck of a detector,




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