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    Default Spinning satellite on non-locked location

    Okay... I have a new(different) 9500i (dated 1207). I am miles away from the two locations I have locked so far (X band only) and in Auto mode. It alerts to K band as I approach a stop light near a CVS and Walgreens. I come to a stop and it falls silent eventually. I speed up and make a U turn... it is alerting to K band again and X now too. I park at the CVS with X and K alerting (muted but flashing). It now switches to a spinning satellite. It was not spinning but still filtering before, and now it is spinning at a non-locked location. I was not even aware it did this. I leave the parking lot and it stops spinning, but I know I can still pick up K facing from where I am. I hit mode and change to Highway and immediately have the K again.

    Does it not spin for filtering just one band and then starts spinning when blocking multiple signals due to speed? I am confused... I know there is a lot going on, but I do not understand why it spins sometimes and other times it does not. Thanks!

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    Hi 9500ier,

    Where did you purchase your new 9500i? Its manufacturing date of week 12 of 2007 is rather old compared to the week numbers currently available. My guess is that your 9500i was a return since it obviously has some locked out locations stored in it. In other words, it is used and the store where you purchased if from should replace it. I would check the week number of the replacement version before walking out of the store.

    There is no way to clear the locked out locations except to go to each locked out location where the GPS icon is spinning and then to unlock the location. Escort of course can clear any and all of the locked out locations in one fell swoop by using their computer interface. Yet my point is that your 9500i obviously is a return which was sold to you as brand new, unless it was you who had created the locked out location in the first place.

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    Sounds like you bought it at best buy and got someone’s returned unit. :? New units are 4007, yours is way old.
    The only other way this could happen would be if you hit the mute button 3 times without knowing it and there were multiple threats. Only expert mode would show this.



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