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    Default Cops Detected on New Years!

    In my three months of use, my radar detector has gone off many times (at store doors), but only twice at a cop (once in canada and once in the states, both with subpar warning) I've driven nearly 10,000 km with both highway and city driving. I've use the highway mode and kept the other settings default (except for turning pop on). I've seen a LOT of cops, but rarely does my detector go off. I understand it is not a cop detector, detecting two out of hundreds of cops seems rather unusual. Is something wrong??

    I'm in British Columbia if that makes a difference.

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    What radar detector model is it? Did you buy it from an online source or from an auction site?

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    its an 8500 x50 red, bought it new from best buy (in store, oct)

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    10K miles with an X50 sure does seem like quite a lot with only two alerts to patrol cars. I would call Escort, get an RMA number, and send it in to have it checked out.

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    X2 MEM-TEK, does seem like quite a lot.

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    Hmm, I'm not sure what to do right now. It costs about $60 to ship there and back (to escort to repair), since I'm in Canada. The detector does go off at the store doors... hmmm :? Perhaps there are settings that could be tweaked?

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    OMG yes, so after keeping my detector, I was headed down the highway at 2:30 am (new years day) and my radar detector started picking up Ka (which Ive never seen happen on the highway) so I figured there might be a cop! Two km later, while my RD is still gaining in Ka detection, I see the exit with red and blue flashing! I took the exit, and the cops were doing checkups to see if people were drinking (I got past them FYI)

    Really happy about this since the range was excellent too

    2008 is going well already =D

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    It is not unusual for police not having radar, yes it seems high, but I can go weeks/months with out encoutering radar on the highway. Just got to be in the right place at the right time to get zapped.



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