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    Default 8500 X50 and window tint

    I wanted to hide my 8500 X50 from view of passerbys- is there any tint that will not decrease sensitivity to radar?? Film ??

    I usually mount top left where there is no tint



    Ps had someone small driver's window and grab dectector

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    As long as you are not using a metallic tint, it should be fine.

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    Ceramic tint is the best, but it's expensive. It's specifically designed to not interfere with in car electronics and GPS.


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    When I had my tint strip put on, I mounted the detector where I wanted it, then had the strip custom cut so it goes up and over the detector. Since I had no way of knowing if it would affect it this seem best to me.
    It looks good and really hides the RD and now I'm sure it won't hurt performance. Good luck to you

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    i have tested with and without tint strip with no difference in detection !

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    As long as there isn't any metal, you should be good.

    I had mounted my dad's behind a limo tint strip on the top of the windshield. You couldn't even see it was there from the outside. Problem was (I didn't know this at the time, that's how it came when he got it) the tint had metal in it.

    I knew something was wrong the time we passed by a cop shooting C/O Ka towards traffic, and the Bel didn't didn't even make it to full alert.

    Now have it moved just below the tint, and he says his range has improved tremendously.

    What you could do, is either get metal-containing tint on everything but the windshield, then put some Lumar on there, or get metallic everywhere and just mount it right below the tint.



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