I live in Nevada and probably should have went to CES 2008 but got last minute lazy about the entire thing, now I'm kicking myself for doing so.

I've been trying to search online since it started yesterday to find out what Escort may have been displaying as new and exciting this year but so far have found no reports about anything exciting coming out of them. I was actually in hopes that maybe they would release the software for the 9500i as their big deal this year during the conference, but still no word on that.

No big suprises on who was there from this industry this year...


- See "Mobile and Vehicle Electronics"

-Then select the box by "Radar Detection" and click Search at the top.

What I did find is looking like the competition certainly one up'ed Escort this year with their new product lines. Pretty does sell on store shelves over actual real world functionality and it looks like Cobra has introduced a truly modern (at least looking) new detector...


It suprised me last year to hear Escorts claims of being so new and advanced with the 9500i, yet still released the new product with a 1970's Texas Insturment calculator type LED display like they did instead of a more modern and popular LCD display. Seems like Cobra at least figured that much out and came out with this new, if nothing else very pretty to look at model.

As far as advancements in GPS capabilities I'd say Uniden has far passed Escorts attempted efforts by incorporating their new detector directly into a GPS guidence system...


That's a cool feature to add to a GPS guidence system considering the fact that the same type of person interested in buying a radar detector would also be very interested in a GPS system as well. The downside though is people in this type of market can be very particular about which model detector they buy, or which model GPS system they buy. This could hurt their sales by having a product people may not like due to one or the other not being very desired. Even if you merged the most popular detector with the most popular GPS system many people wouldn't buy it because of one or the other not meeting a personal preferance.

Still none of the super cool features yet though that I'd like to have, like the ability to display real time satelite imagery on an 6" LCD display screen so you can visualy scan down the road looking for hidden speedtraps or check on the satelite image behind you to see if that blip your detector keeps warning you about is actualy a patrol car sneaking up behind you 5 miles back.

Certainly plenty of cool stuff being reported already in only its second day running. So far the most up to date and detailed site I've found covering it is here...


Note though nothing new and exciting listed as of yet by them from the Escort camp.