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    Default how would escort be able to match the receipt with serial #?

    So I bought my used x50 with 11mo old receipt. It's from best buy but it does not have any # that matches with my radar detector's serial number.

    I am worried that this might not be the original receipt.

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    I'm sure they probably have a data base on hand that indicates to them what block of serial numbers were shipped out of the factory to what reseller.

    Just a guess, but it sounds to me like someone bought yours from an unauthorizd reseller (stupid manuf policy if you ask me), found out they were warranty screwed after the fact, probably went to Best Buy, bought a detector then returned it to have a different reciept maybe. The serial number on the outside of the box on my detector matches the number on the actual unit inside the box, my sales reciept also shows the actual serial number on it, but I didn't buy mine from Best Buy either.

    I did however buy mine on from a seller with extensively high 97% over 6 years rating, and did later learn about the whole unauthorized reseller fiascal. When I complained to the seller about the whole unauthorized thing and warranty void garbage policy for a product the manufacturer could easily look up by serail number and see it was legit the seller provided me with the name of their supplier that I could use instead as my place of purchase. Still got a great deal by shopping Amazon, successfully worked around the BS Escort policy, the unit was clearly not a refab, stolen or anything else others claim take place or Escort would have caught it.

    In your situation, well, does it really matter at this point? I mean you have what you have, give it a try, they will either accept or deny it as warranty. The braoder concern you should have is if the person you bought it from already registered that serial number under their own name.

    Why do you even care anyhow as long as its not been reported stolen, its just a one year limited warranty and yours expires in 1 month regardless.

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    Default Just to add a note

    I hope Roy doesn't read this because I get a sense he doesn't much like A mazon or e Bay, he can at least rest assured as soon as the ZR4's come out I'll be buying mine from him now that I know he exists. Rock solid customer service and an extensively informative web site he puts up like this one goes a long ways over saving $20-$30 from on line shopping around, so I guess you can use internet shopping as an advantage like this over just better price shopping, even Escort themselves don't offer their customers such a great resource for community and information.

    In any event, there is also always the option of using Microsoft Word or to create your own receipt, make it the size of a normal receipt, print it on a full size piece of paper, cut it to size then photocopy that and try sending it in.

    Typically I wouldn't condone such ethically questionable of an advice statement, however I do not agree at all with Escorts warranty policies in any way.

    If pressed, and my own brand new sealed in the factory box product was ever questioned or denied by them in a warranty claim due to a factory defect I would be taking Escort to court in a minute. Not only is what they are doing is illegal in most states who have consumer protections against such practices, their reasoning behind doing so is also very clear and just as illegal in most countries.

    They don't want you buying the product, even if new, legit and sealed in a factory box from places like A mazon or e Bay because these resellers are known to offer products at lower than common competitive prices.

    Here's where it all becomes clear, shop around anywhere for a new Escort radar detector at any place that isn't on their unauthorized list, or ie an "authorized" reseller. It becomes clear that every single one of them offer the same product for the same exact price, to the penny.

    That makes it clear what Escort is doing, its called "Resale price maintenance", and yes, its illegal, at least it is here in the US and in the EU. This isn't MSRP pricing at play here so don't get confused with that.

    Here's a more detailed explanation of this, with court cases to reference and see where other companies have lost cases because of this illegal practice...

    I'm actually surprised no one has taken them to court on this already, I guess its slipped in under the radar so to speak and so far. I know if I was a rock solid reseller, with high and long standing rankings and my company name was on that list at Escorts web site I'd be suing the pants off of Escort over it. While I'm sure there may be some names on that list that are problems and as claimed to be reselling refurb units as new, there are also many on that list who are long standing and highly customer rated as well as legit business people. Its rather clear Escort did not investigate the legitimacy of each and everyone of these companies, but instead simply did a quick and random web search on their products to see what names poped up as people selling their products and put the names on the list without any actual basis for making such claims in a individual review of each.

    Escort does have the ability to know where their serial numbers are going, which ones have been already sent in for refurb, and which ones are new and thus legally obligatory to factory warranty repair, with or without a receipt.

    If Escort truly had a problem with the practice of refurbished and returned units being sent to Mexico and then finding their way back here then they should destroy these units instead of shipping them to third world countries for intended resale, that claim is clearly an attempted excuse to maintain their practice of price maintenance and is not based on a case by case reality of all sellers on their unauthorized list.

    I have more news for them as well, when I buy my new ZR4 system from I will be installing it myself, my own and single local "authorized reseller and installer shop" are complete bone heads and there's no way they'd ever touch any vehicle of mine. Their knowledge of the Escort product line is nothing short of disgusting. So should a manufacturing defect arise in my self installed product and Escort attempts to void my warranty they'll be spending a lot more fighting me in court over trying to prove a defect in their workmanship was the result of my unauthorized installation.

    While I have them in court I'll also be suing them for false advertisement in claiming I can connect my computer to my new 9500i and be able to back up my stored data on it. Something they push and sell this device being capable of doing yet it can not because there are no software or drivers available for it to do so.

    Under normal conditions I disagree with their practices so bad I wouldn't buy any of their products, however I do like their products and they do make good products and I know, if push comes to shove over any warranty issue due to a manufacturing defect I may have with them I'll take them to court in a minute and win no matter who I bought it from or who installed it.

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    It wonít matter, Escort just wants to have some type of proof that there authorized dealers arenít getting screwed and it was purchased legitimately.
    As long as you have a receipt from an authorized dealer for the model Escort RD you have with the approximate list price of that RD youíre good to go.

    Sorry Esoterica if I repeated something that you said, I didnít have time to read your whole post. :wink:

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    Quote Originally Posted by CJR238
    Sorry Esoterica if I repeated something that you said, I didnít have time to read your whole post. :wink:
    Looks like Esoterica has a lot to say/contribute. He should feel right at home here, especially with people like MEM-TEK and TSI+WRX :wink:



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