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    Default 8500 x50 Laser question

    New to the forum, LOTS of good info here

    I have a escort passport 8500 x50 blue.

    The past couple of months i have noticed the California Highway patrol using Laser on the 580 freeway that i travel every day. It's very obvious that the CHP officer is holding the gun to his eye. My laser detection does not go off. well for a while i figured that at that point in time he was not on the button or he was not locked on me. But today was a different story. CHP was in the same spot as always, gun out the window but this time he locks onto a car right next to me in one lane over. I spot the CHP from a distance and slow down. while still slowing and approaching my exit the chp pulls out behind me from the side of the highway and pulls the car over that was traveling next to me. My question is how much of the laser signal must hit my radar detector for it to go off? Seems to me it should have signaled laser. Is laser detection any better on the 9500i?

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    others will disagree but i'm going to say it anyway. it is a proven fact that the x50 will not always recognize laser even when pointed directly at it. unlike radar which is hard to miss, laser is much tougher to detect. however, it should be that difficult. but apparently for the x50 it is. you are not alone. i driven by a few laser positions with my x50 and it's just silly to believe the officer is just standing in that [uncomfortable) position (for at least 15 seconds) and not pulling the trigger. it's frustrating.

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    interesting. How about with the 9500i? Is their any improvement in laser detecton?

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    You might get a few opinions, but to date there have been no conclusive tests of the 9500i's laser sensitivity.



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