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    Default help with Passport SRX

    So I have a chance to get a good used SRX and I wondered a few thing before I get it.

    What is the radar compare to ?> 8500? x50?
    How does the jammer compare to the blinder?
    so would you use a separate detector with this to?

    off to search thank for the help

    what would be a good deal for this, $700 sound correct?

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    ok it is new in box.

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    Default Re: help with Passport SRX

    Quote Originally Posted by Dale H
    What is the radar compare to ?> 8500? x50?
    Sensitivity is quite high, and you can also take advantage of "unconventional" locations, too, to gain even more - look at RacerX's setup from the 2007 GOL countermeasures shoot-out.

    How does the jammer compare to the blinder?
    Definitely not as good as the old Blinder M20/40 - unknown when compared against the current Blinder M25/45.

    You can infer that any result from the GOL's lastest countermeasures shoot-out for the Escort ZR3 jammer will cross-apply, as long as you locate the rear laser head to the front, in a "three-heads forward" configuration. Without a center front head, though, unless you've got an extremely laser-profile favorable vehicle (like a late-model Corvette), you will face some rather unpleasant PTs, and this will only be exacerbated when facing unfavorable hardware.

    so would you use a separate detector with this to?
    It's possible to further supplement the SRX with either other radar detectors (i.e. the SRX/V1 combo is a favorite, of those who can afford it and don't mind running two setups at the same time) or other laser jammers, and the SRX should not cross-talk in an undue manner with either.

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    TSI WRX has it right. The jammer isn't rated the best, radar is still decent. I run a SR7 (radar portion of SRX) with my V1 and it has worked good. As for for the price, I paid $450 for my SR7 used.

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    Quote Originally Posted by REBinc
    TSI WRX has it right. Jammer isn't the best, radar is still decent. I run a SR7 w/ ZR3 (same thing as SRX) with my V1 and it has worked good. As for for the price, I paid $450 for my SR7 w/ ZR3 used.
    Ditto here ^ V1 with an SR7+ZR3. I drive a corvette with a fake plate up front to reduce forward reflectivity. Keep in mind most of the lidar guns I encounter are Pro Laser 3s which are easy to jam by any standard. I think you need to determine what guns are used in your state and decide not if you want to run the SRX but if you want to run the SRX and another jammer in additon to it.

    I will probably add a Laser Interceptor to the ZR3 in the spring for added protection against Ultralytes being used on the SW side of town. But I will definitely keep the ZR3 no matter what. Although the ZR3 has substantial punch thru in testing the units have high standards for consistency and quality control and perhaps more importantly a central location for all alerts laser and radar so you can resond appropriately.

    Also, I will keep the rear led in place so I'll know for sure were I'm being shot at. To me that's kind of important.
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    Thanks guys, I just saw this on craigslist and didnt know much about it. I think I will run a blinder set up.

    thanks for the help and info.

    I am in Kansas City and middle KS for hiway. so X band only, j/k I have seen Laser increase by quite a bit end of last year I am sure that is everywhere



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