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    Default Traffipatrol gun uses Escort's laser alert audio warning....

    for targetting sound. watch the video in the link below from LI. The new Traffipatrol laser gun targetting audio sounds just like Escort's laser warning audio alert.

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    Default Michelle's Voice

    My new Samsung Verizon cell phone with VZNavigator uses the same exact woman's voice for the navigation as the womans voice on the 9500i. The cell phone has different voice options you can use, the one that's the same as the 9500i voice is called "Michelle" (just thought everyone would like to know her name).

    I had to change the voice on my phone to "Jennifer" just to make it easily distinguishable between which woman was talking to me when one or the other sounded, now when they both talk to me at the same time it's like being double teamed by two women.



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