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    Default RX75 Radar Antenna mounting question

    Posted this last night in the Bel forum, but since it is the same as an SR7, I thought maybe someone else would see it over here and be able to offer advice.

    Alright, I am sorry if this has been posted before. I have an RX75 plus, I have always run a V1, but I just got a new car, and I couldn't get a signal with my GPS. I found out it has a windshiled with a metal treatment in it, which blocks sat signals. And according to Mike V, it also reduces the effectivness of a windshiled mounted radar detector by 90%. So my 10% effective V1 wasn't going to cut it.

    Anyhow, I think that Car Tunes in Detroit did a poor job placing my radar antenna, my handicapped V1 still has better reception. The antenna is about 5 inces behind the grill and looks to be angled about 5 deg down, I am going to have them move my speaker and my display, where should I have them put the antenna?

    that is a good approximation of my grill. Although my c30 doesn't have the second, lower grill, there is just a big hole in front of an intercooler there. I was thinking right up behind one of the top left slots, so as to not be behind the cross Volvo thingy. Also, I have heard that if you put these 1 deg above level, they work better (someone over at, how does that sound?

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    Get a new windshield?

    No seriously.

    ok ok ok if your not willing to do that I'm thinking in the upper part of that top grill perfectly level and forward.

    Anyway whats up with letting a car shop position your antennae, just do it yourself :?



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