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    Default 9500i USB support - Vaporware?

    The 9500i became generally available in February 2007.

    The manual contains a promise of future functionality of the, "USB Data Port. This allows you to backup your TrueLock
    data and other software related functions."

    A year later (February 2008), I can find no official communication about when any of the promised USB features will be available.

    I think this qualifies as Vaporware.

    "Vaporware is a software or hardware product which is announced by a developer well in advance of release, but which then fails to emerge, either with or without a protracted development cycle. The term implies unwarranted optimism, or sometimes even deception; that is, it may imply that the announcer knows that product development is in too early a stage to support responsible statements about its completion date, feature set, or even feasibility."

    I give Escort a thumbs down.

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    X2. Itís nice for Escort to have the USB to use internally but as of now it does nothing for us. You would need a 12V external power source to utilize it anyway. My guess is its going to be used with the 9500ci in some way.

    Maybe someone can really hack into the USB and make unofficial software.

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    I called Escort today to order new suction cups, and while on the phone I asked the C/S rep about the USB functionality.

    He told me that he was told "this spring".

    I won't be holding my breath.

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    Default Complain

    If we all just keep riding them about this eventually they will go nuts and cave in.

    Is that how it should have to be? Of course not, but sometimes it takes lighting a fire under someones ass to get anything done.

    We should all get together and pick a day of the week and time for all of us to call their support at the same time and ask about the software. One day a week for as long as it takes we will all group together and flood their call center to ask about the software. They'll eventually crush under our relentless pressure!



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