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Thread: laser and x50?

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    Default laser and x50?

    on may way into austin from houston today (pretty much 2mins from the airport in austin) i get hit with a laser 5 times in a 40 yard distance.

    there was no leo around?

    any ideas?

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    This is fairly common around airports. I don't remember the exact reason, but I'm sure someone will tell you. Some airports have some sort of system that uses lasers to detect windshear. This can definitely set off your radar detector.

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    yeah i was about 3 miles or less from the airport. first time for me to drive through there with the x50 so ill see if it happens again soon enough.

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    Default Laser False

    Laser false alerts around airports is common. I see it all the time, as do others who report the same thing.

    They can be intermittent as well, I can drive by the same spot on any of the 3 airports I pass regularly all week long and not get a laser false, then all of a sudden, there it is again and there I am again reaching for my cell phone because the dam laser alert tone on the 9500i sounds like a cell phone ringing.

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    This thread mentions a couple of different reasons why:

    Also, my Rev5 x50 actually had a habit of falsing laser to various (although rare) LED-based strobe-lights. :?

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    I have one street that my 9500i falses on laser all the time, but not my SRX, and I have no idea why. There is no airport anywhere near this spot. The street is in a commercial district, warehouses and stuff. Can't figure it out.

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    drove back to houston today

    as i passed austin airport, laser went off again so im assuming it was from the airport

    anyways God bless friendly drivers. i got 4 saves from people flashing their lights on the way home.



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