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    Default to those who live in Arizona

    beware of leaving your RD in your car!

    If you have read of my previous post.. my x50 would freeze sometimes or just get stuck at laser when start up.

    I have found the reason for it: heat.

    I took it to work with me.. and such.. I turn it on, it works fine. after a period of time, my detector would freeze (I know because of the scanning dot) I took my detector off and it was warm. so I placed it in front of the AC and it cooled down and when I tried to turn it back on, it worked. If i do not place it in front of the AC to let it cool, it would get stuck at Laser at start up.

    Just a heads up.. or its just my x50 I guess...


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    Yes, this is very true. I'm an AZ native and my wifes RX-65 would overheat when left on the windshield. I make it a habbit to remove the detector from the windshield and hide it under the seat or glovebox.

    I'm looking forward to see how my new 9500i works in the heat this summer



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