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    Default locked out location alerted yesterday

    and based on my observation, location, and length of alert, it was the exact source that I had previously locked out- the Holiday Inn's door opener where you exit I10W for Beltway8 N. darn those changing frequencies. oh well. I can deal with that one false on my daily commute- the thing is amazingly quiet. I haven't had to lock anything else out- because that's the only false I get !!

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    Just lock it out again and you'll solve the problems of the source frequency drifting. I have a single cell tower here thats in a very rural area that drifts K band daily pretty bad. I have three separate locks on it and no more falses from it. Ironically its also in about the only area where I drive thats patrolled by County LEO's who are the only ones in my area using K band. Even with 3 locks on that tower though I've never had any problems not getting alerts from the County LEO's operating on K band in my lockout area there.

    If your worried about the remote chance of locking out the false again and possibly missing an actual alert the lockout area is rather small in reality, just drive with more caution in that area and enjoy not having to listen to that false all the time and ever again. You'll have to slow down for what, all of 10 seconds to pass the area if your at all concerned about it.



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