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    Default Exploring the 9500i USB Capabilities - Take II

    This software has been updated since this original post. See this thread:

    Some of you will remember my previous thread a number of months back:
    Exploring the 9500i USB Capabilities

    This is a continuation of that project.

    My new and updated software can read data from the 9500i, and can display information for locked out areas and marked locations.


    The user must assume the ENTIRE RISK of using this software. In other words:
    I am NOT RESPONSIBLE if it fries your 9500i or screws up your PC!!!

    Before using this software, thoroughly read the file LICENSE.txt in the installation folder for official disclaimers and license information.

    Please be aware that this software is in beta. I do not have any official communication specs or memory data specs on the 9500i. My software has only been made possible only through my own investigation, so I can't guarantee accuracy of the data displayed.


    -Read the data from the 9500i
    -Display locked out location data & marked location data
    -Display device info: Product, Manufacturer, Serial Number
    -Save or print your data, or export to a CSV file

    Getting Started

    In order to use the software, you will need:

    - A way to power your 9500i
    - A mini-USB cable to connect between the 9500i and your PC's USB port.

    You can use a DC power supply to power the 9500i in your house, or take a laptop out to your vehicle.

    1. Connect your USB cable to your PC and your 9500i.

    2. ***IMPORTANT***: Hold down the MRK and BRT buttons while plugging in the 9500i, and continue to hold them down until the unit shows USB on the display. The 9500i MUST be in "USB mode" to read valid data!

    When you first plug the 9500i into your PC's USB port and power it on, the PC should detect it and automatically install it as a HID (Human Interface Device) using Windows drivers. If you can not get past this point for some reason, then the software won't work. If for some reason you have an error here, search Microsoft support & the internet for a solution to your problem installing a HID device.

    3. Once the PC is finished installing the 9500i, launch the software.

    Be sure that it says "Connected to 9500i" on the left hand side of the statusbar at the bottom of the window. The software can detect when the 9500i is connected and disconnected.

    4. Read from the 9500i by clicking Transfer > Read From 9500i, or by clicking on the blue down arrow button on the toolbar. A progress bar will be displayed, and (hopefully) the process will complete (if not, see the Troubleshooting section below). When reading is complete, your 9500i data will be displayed in the grid.

    5. You can save your data to a file by clicking File > Save.


    "Buffer Overflow" errors when trying to read from the 9500i

    Here are a few suggestions:
    1. BE SURE YOUR 9500i IS IN "USB MODE" AND SHOWS "USB" ON THE DISPLAY WHEN READING FROM IT! Even if you can read successfully without the unit in USB mode, the data will be invalid and will not contain readable data.
    2. While the software is reading from the 9500i, do not use any other applications on your PC.
    3. Try reading from the 9500i several times.
    4. Close the software, then re-launch it and try again.
    5. If you have other applications running at the same time as Commander, close the other applications and try again.
    6. Do a fresh re-boot of your PC, and try again.
    7. Get a faster PC :-)

    I am new to writing applications for USB, so the above suggestions are the best I can offer at this time. However there might be some other steps I can take in the future to further mitigate this problem in software. I have tried it on several PC's, and although I get the error on occasion I am always able to successfully read the data by following the above steps.


    Q - Why is the software called "9500i Commander"?

    A - I write a line of programming software for ham radios that carries the same "Commander" names. This is also where the GUI style and some of the features comes from.

    Q - Why are certain features "greyed out" in the GUI?

    A - Most of these "greyed out" options are for features which may be added in the future. A few features are not enabled until you open a saved file or read from the 9500i. Features involving communication with the 9500i will not be enabled unless a 9500i is connected.

    Q - Why are the latitude and longitude displayed in hex format?

    A - They are stored in memory in hex format, and does not convert directly to normal latitude and longitude values. I am currently unsure exactly how to convert these to regular Latitude and Longitude values. If you want to help me learn the proper formula to convert these values, please read from your 9500i and send me the file, as well as the city and state where most of your locked-out/marked locations are.

    Also, if these happen to be in some standard format that I have overlooked, please let me know!

    Q - How are the K-Band segments displayed?

    A - A dash denotes an unlocked segment, while an X denoted a locked-out segment. The left hand side is the low part of the band (24.0XX), while the right side is the upper part (24.2xx).

    Q - What's the deal with the X-Band Segments?

    A - I am still analyzing how X-Band segments are stored in memory. Based on how the data appears so far, here is how X-Band segments are indicated in the software:

    One or more of the lower six segments is locked out.

    One or more of the upper two segments is locked out.

    One or more of the lower six segments is locked out, and one or more of the upper two segments is locked out.

    Q - I have a locked out location that doesn't show any X or K-Band segments as being locked out?

    A - I am a ways off on the X-Band segments. For the K-Band segments, I'm very "close" but perhaps not 100%. Because of the way the data for the segments is stored, there seems to be more going on than is readily apparent. Send me your file, along with the memory number in question, I would be interested in taking a look.

    Q - Why does the software allow for only 1024 memory slots, while the 9500i can supposably store 5000?

    A - The Commander software only allows for 1024 memory slots because I only know how 1024 locations are stored. There's plenty of memory open for other data, but I won't know how slots 1025+ are stored until I see a memory file with 1025+ locations in it. If someone has more 1025+ lockout areas/marked locations, please read from your 9500i with 9500i Commander, and send me the file so that I can add capabilities for the additional memory slots.

    Q - Will you provide the source code?

    A - I put a lot of work into my projects, and I do not want to give away the source code. However, if I ever lose interest in this project, then I might decide to make the source public.

    More Questions?
    PM me.

    Download it HERE.

    - jimbonzzz

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    Excellent work as always Professor!

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    Hi Professor,

    You crafty little devil you!

    I am going to have fun trying the software this weekend when I have time. I will also take a crack at decoding the hex geographical coordinate data.

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    WOW! Nice going, Jim!

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    Escort will be only the second!
    Profesor wins! :twisted:

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    If Escort had some smarts, they'd encourage the public to develop for the 9500i, and provide tech specs to do so.. With the public developing apps for it, they wouldn't have to (seems they aren't progressing too fast there anyway), it would increase functionality in a huge way, which would increase demand, whcih would increase public app development, which would increase demand...

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    Un freaking believable, nothing has been encrypted and Escort now has ABSOLUTELY no excuse what so ever for not getting this software out a long time ago, or even STILL!

    Clearly we have only been waiting from them to make it "pretty" enough, what a bunch of BS!

    Did you actually pay for the development kit for the IC to get this? If so let me know, I'll chip in some money for this if you just PM me and let me know where or how to send it.

    AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I just went to grab my 9500i to try this and realized I left it in my van which is currently in the trnasmission shop right now. I even drove over there to get it and they have it locked inside the building.

    Have you tried a HEX to Text converter program to see if the HEX code can be converted to simple GPS degrees and minutes?

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    WOW you are the Man!

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    Just ran the software on my 9500i, worked a treat, I had 54 locked out or camera locations. what to do..hmm..some software that we can enter in the 9500i and change settings would be nice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Esoterica
    Have you tried a HEX to Text converter program to see if the HEX code can be converted to simple GPS degrees and minutes?
    Umm, considering how I see 19 as the first byte in all the latitudes, I doubt it's ASCII encoding.

    It's probably some sort of floating point representation, the question is bitwidth and endianness.



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