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    i have a question for all the 9500i owners. i have remote start on my car and somtimes i leave my radar on but i take it down from the sun. was just wondering if i should turn the radar on/off manually everytime i leave my car or is it safe for me to just leave it on and just turn off the ignition and then the next day use my remote start to start the car and let the radar start automatically or just turn it on when i get into the car. i use the remote start everyday to warm up my car. just wanted to know if this can cause any failure to my radar.

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    Just so I don't have to retype it all again, particularly with the 9500i you should be powering it on and off only with the power button on it.

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    i asked escort about it, they said powering down/up with vehicle would be fine

    and i do as much, works for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kayrac
    i asked escort about it, they said powering down/up with vehicle would be fine

    and i do as much, works for me
    No problem here, always works fine for me.

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    The 9500i does have a big fat internal capacitor which is used to keep its GPS receiver "alive" for a good while after you turn off your 9500i. That big capacitor also has the capability of absorbing any nasty little voltage spikes when you let your 9500i power up by starting your car. Occasionally my V995 would get a bit scrambled (requiring a firmware reset) if I let it power up when starting my car, so I always remembered to turn off my V995 before turning off the ignition. For the past two months I've been letting my 9500i's power get killed by turning off the ignition. Not one problem so far!



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