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    Default 9500i vs 8500x50?

    Ok, Silly question....

    9500i states that it incorporates the same detection technology from the 8500x50....

    Quote: "Our latest invention, the all-new PASSPORT 9500i, has revolutionized the radar detector category again. Its blistering performance is derived from the "World's Best" PASSPORT 8500 X50, which means it delivers the best protection possible against all speed measuring devices."

    Now if I look at the guysoflidar last test results the 9500i blew away the performance of the 8500x50? How could there be such a difference if the performance is "derived from the 8500x50"? Shouldn't the results be similiar?

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    2 things:

    Variance from RD to RD even in the same model, and the 9500I got allot more tweaking than the good old X50 until till recently.
    My guess it the X50 is now close to the 9500.



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