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    Default X50 for Singapore?

    Hi guys, i was fortunate enough to chance upon this forum, and I ask say the infomation i can find here is splendid.

    I stay in Singapore, will be travelling to the states next month for a short holiday. Thinking of getting a set of X50 for myself.

    There is a hugh increase in mobile speed traps recently, sprouting out from everywhere like overhead bridges, bushes etc. I have to constantly look out for them to the extend that i had several close brushes with accidents. The mobile i refer to are those 'gun' types that the traffic police deploy.

    I was wondering if the X50 will be effective in detecting these radars? I asked because i do not know what kind of freq or radar they use in singapore.

    If X50 works in Singapore, please let me know where i can find one in LA or San Francisco.

    Please help, greatly appreciated!


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    x50 will be effective at detecting ANY radar, except KA band from the rear if thats a threat.

    I would recommend you buy through roy at and just have him ship it to you

    If you tell roy you are a board member, he'll usually give you a good deal. He takes care of his own.

    Welcome to the board!



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