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    Default Uncoiled SmartCord

    Just got a RX65 and hope to learn alot on this forum

    I have a few questions:

    Does Bel/Escort make an uncoiled version of the smartcord? I just want to snake the wires behind the dash and a-pillar up to the visor but cant with the coiled wires(dont want to hardwire).

    The radar detector gets hot pretty quick this is normal right?


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    Yes..."direct wire" Smartcord...same price as a Smartcord. Check Escort's site...

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    Mine gets hot pretty fast too but they say its normal in the manual. Just dont let it in direct sun when your not using it and you should be ok.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hankd
    Yes..."direct wire" Smartcord...same price as a Smartcord. Check Escort's site...
    plugs directly into fuse panel? does it have its own fuse?

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    It has its own fuse. The "business" end is just two power leads - positive and ground. It's up to you to figure out where to get the power from. Fuse-taps are popular; you can get those at any Walmart. I wired mine to an unused accessory harness in the roof, near the dome light.

    Try to find a forum for "do-it-yourself" projects for your particular type of car. You're probably not the first person to hardwire a radar detector in whatever kind of car you have.



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