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    Default Looking to upgrade from my Esc 4500

    I bought my first detector (escort 4500) a few months ago just so I'd have at least a minimal early warning. I'm looking to upgrade to a newer model. The budget goal is >$200 and will probably result in one from ebay.

    I'm giving serious thought to the 8500 series (I like the 9500i but it's way outside the budget) What is the difference between the 8500 and the 8500 x50.

    I live in spring texas (close to houston) if that makes a difference. I'm not sure what types of radar/lidar equipment is available here

    Thanks for your advice

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    The X50 is pop capable, while the 8500 is not. However, tests have shown that the X50's pop detection is not so good either:
    Also, the newer X50s have the M4 horn while the early X50s and the 8500s have the S7 horn. While I ABSOLUTLY do not want to rehash the S7 vs M4 debate here, the M4 seems to have less falsing. There are threads and threads on here about S7 vs M4 if you wish to research it.

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    Donít buy through eBay unless you want to send it in for $80 to be fixed right after you get it...
    If you canít go $260-290 for a new X50 go with a top end whistler or Bell.

    An old 8500 or X50 will be a big improvement over what you have but i personally would send it in after you receive it just to be 100% sure itís ok. that usually will cost you around $40-80.

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    Consider the two most recommended budget RDs on the forum: Bel 955 and Whistler Pro78/690. Whistler is also releasing a 695 soon which may suit your needs. The Bel 955 has similar internals and performance as the 8500 X50, costs less but comes with less fancy features. Circuit City often has the 955 on sale on their website so keep checking periodically. Buying from Circuit City will get you a one year warranty as well; Bel/Escort won't provide warranties for anything you buy from Ebay, regardless of the sellers promises. Don't buy off Ebay like CJR238 said, as it may end up costing you more than you initially planned for.



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