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    Default Upper window tint

    I received my 9500i via UPS last Friday and have been running it using velcro on the top of the dash. This is how I also used my 8500 for the 4 years I owned it with no problems. I tried putting it above the rear view mirror but the upper tint on my 2003 Chevrolet Silverado's windshield starts to get really darkwhere the 9500 would be. Would I be better off keeping it on top of the dash or will the tint have no effect on performance.


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    Stock tint should not affect your RD's performance at all.

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    ^ Like the man said.

    But if you're still somehow worried, you can set your detector up so that the laser-sensor peeks just under the tint-band.

    ^ The way my 9500i is set up, relative to the tint band, has the laser sensor peeking out just below the tint band's fade-out line. Shine a bright flashlight directly into "lens" portion of the detector, you'll see the little metal "screen," along the bottom edge of the "lens," (I forget if it's to the left or right of the "bubble"). That's the laser sensor.

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    Did mine like this:Obviously the RD up top. :wink:

    I prefer the Laser-sensor peeking just under the tint-band.
    1/2under & 1/2 peaking out, top 1/2 of 9500I has nothing there. The screen on the right is the laser sensor.



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