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    Default What happened to my range with x50?

    I just got my x50 back from Escort and now the performance seems to have dropped off quite a bit.

    I had to send in the radar because the button where the suction cups mount into broke and it wouldnt lock into place.

    I used to be able to pick up speed signs over a 1/4 mile. Now I don't pick them up until I'm at least half that distance. Same goes the automatic doors at the grocery store. I could pick up a signal clear across the parking lot. Now it doesnt alert until I'm about 30 feet from the door.

    The radar is only 2 months old. With a build date of 4707.

    The paper I got back from Escort said the unit had been tuned and calibrated. Well whatever they did isnt very good.

    I should also mention that I have it mounted behind my tint strip at the top. Thats how I had it before and never a problem.

    Is there anything I can do? Like maybe reset it or something?

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    Hi Regalized,

    Sorry to hear that your X50 came back from Escort with reduced sensitivity. You can try a reset by holding down the two program buttons and then turning on your X50. I have doubts that this will help though. You probably will have to send your X50 back to Escort.

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    Thanks for the reply Mem-tek.

    I reset it and it seemed to get some of its sensitivity back. The software version is 6.3.

    I don't know what the software version was before, but could the 6.3 version have different filtering capabilities?

    After I reset it I tried it onthe speed signs out by my house. I can pick the one sign up over a 1/4 mile away. And when I try it on the other one the distance is significantly reduced. Now I should mention that on the sign I'm getting good distance on there is no trees in the median. However, coming up to the other sign there are trees in the median for a 1/2 mile leading up to the sign. And I could see that being a problem, but before I sent it in it had no problem picking up a signal on either sign.

    Any thoughts?

    The sign is a k band sign 24.195. Maybe I should give it the weekend and see if I find any cops and see how the distance is.

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    I would give it some more time, but its possible something’s different about it.
    I think Escort is getting away from Rev#s that actually mean something, it appears they are flashing without new Rev#s.



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