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    Default 8500 X50 repair costs

    Hello All,

    My x50 seems to be giving false ka alerts. It will jump to max signal strength and stay there until I switch it off. It seems to only happen when the unit has been sitting in the sun and gets hot. But once I power cycle it, it clears up for a while but will false again if it's still too warm. Anyone else see this type of problem?

    I called Escort to inquire about repairs and spoke to a guy named David who was very helpful. He told me about three ways to obtain service.

    1- Warranty repair (free if purchased from Escort or authorized dealer) and if less then a year old

    2- Warranty repair ($30 if purchased from Escort or authorized dealer) if between 1 and 2 years old

    3-Out of warranty repair ($59.95) for top to bottom check out, repair and updates if needed.

    He said it would be about a 4-5 day turn around once they receive the unit.

    That sounds like a pretty good deal. He also mentioned the $80 credit toward the purchase of a new unit. I guess I will be sending my unit in for out of warranty repairs.


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    I called last week as well and the guy I talked to didnt give me much information. I didn't really pressure him for much but I was told that for my unit it would be $79.99 to refurb the unit as well as fix the OFF switch. Guys here even said they give it a new shell and I thought I read they give you a new power cord?

    The wee clip on mine broke last weekend so I am more inclined to send it in to get all fixed up. My one buddy said it was too much but I think its a good deal. Basically $80 for a new Escort if you think about it that way.

    Let us know how it goes. I may send mine in here eventually.

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    The guy at Escort also said that if I sent the power cord and suction cup mount they would replace those as well with no additional charges.

    I'm not sure why you were quoted a higher charge then I was quoted.

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    The S7 8500's are more expensive to update/fix than the X50 S7's and those are more expensive in comparison to fix the new X50 M4's.

    It was about $80 for my S7 8500, however they replaced everything and i sent them only the 8500.

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    Had my 8500 repaired about one month ago for $40. New case, looks brand new. They even sent a new smart cord and mount; I did not send the others in; only sent the RD.

    Get the 8500 repaired; a great detector.

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    Forgot to mention, they replaced my horn.



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