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    Default how to make a straight cord on the x50

    can any one send me a link or just post pictures on how to sodder a straight phone cord instead on the pain in the as* coiled wire.

    will this void my warrenty?

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    If you have any concerns about warranty, then the easiest thing to do is buy some phone line, whatever length you want. now look at the clip and make sure you see 4 wires in it. some of the cheapos use 2 to save cost.
    buy a phone line connector (little rectangular piece with opening on each end).
    plug it in and leave the coiled part below and the straight cord for use in the detector. this will leave no trace of it in case you ever have a problem.
    i just tested that with a 20' cord on my 8500 and it works fine. Escort sells a 9' direct wire cord, and the smart wire cord is 11 1/2 ' long.

    otherwise you have to open up the adapter, which may leave you with a warranty issue if it needs service and they request the cord.

    if you do decide to go that route, pay attention to the colors and where they go, along with the order they are in the clip end. this way you will avoid cross wiring.

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    Default cord

    Had same problem with mine......Went to 99 cents stoe picked up 25ft cord (extenstion-Male-female) it works grear and can still use smartcord.....I don't think warranty police are watching you :roll:



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