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    Default Acura TL/RL owners...

    I think I've posted earlier here before about my couz' 8500 X50 (S7) not shutting up with the laser alerts. First we tried the ferrite choke core, which worked for a while but yesterday I got to ride in the car and got to experience how annoying it is. Car in question is a 2008 Acura TL type-S, almost mechanically identical to the RL. I know there are some TL owners here and can you tell me what you had to do if you've experienced similar problems? I observed it to be occuring only when he stomps on the gas pedal. I drove with his 8500 one night in my camry, the only laser alert I got was when a cop was shooting me w/it, but then I don't stomp on the gas pedal either. (I enjoy my 23/30 mpg )Maybe a power cord change is in order.

    I know some Subies are notorious for causing laser falsing, dont know about acuras..

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    I have an 04 TL and never get any false lasers from my 9500I's. However my old 8500 would laser false when I went from drive to park sometimes. The 8500 needed to be tuned/fixed anyway.

    Power cord could do the trick, but for the price of a power cord you can send it in to get tuned and get a new power cord for free.

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    I have a 2001 TL, which is much different but I thought I might as well put in my 2 cents...Well basically never had any problems falseing. But then again it doesn't have all that new fancy equipment.

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    Default 2007 TL Type S

    My STi goes off if I point the detector anywhere near the red display over the middle vents. Much worse at night. Perhaps stray light from there?

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    am about to put a 9500ci in my 2005 TL navi/AT and I'll let you know.



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