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    Default 8500X50 Stuck at Laser on startup

    My radar detector boots up saying normally passport then 8500X50 then laser and beeps then stays on laser and just beeps every 5 seconds, a reset etc didn't change anything except the brightness, I tried it in a different car and powering it up many times etc....Is this a common problem because I can not find other posts about this. Thought maybe there were a few bad spots for broken solder joints or a couple parts that go bad quite often.....

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    Is it a new detector, still under warranty? If so I would return it.
    When you say you did a reset, did you turn it off and then hold all 3 buttons when powering it up?
    If you can get into the menu, turn the laser off, won't do any good with the X50 anyway.

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    It is 3 yrs old now and yes I held all 3 buttons and it says reset then stops at laser again....I can't seem to get into the menu to shut off laser....must be laser diode or sumthin in there gone bad...I noticed they are made in Canada, how much do they usually charge to service it, and where are they in Canada?

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    Contact Escort they usually can service for I think $65 or $85 or something like that I can't remember. But call them it would probably be worth it to do that.



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